First Blog Post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello!  This is my first blog, post, and blog post.  (I doubt that actually makes sense…)  I’m planning to use this blog to share my thoughts and feelings about various shows such as Over the Garden Wall (OTGW), Gravity Falls (GF), Steven Universe (SU), Star vs. The Forces of Evil (SvsTFOE), and other shows.  I don’t feel like I NEED to write anything else…  *shrugs*  Why don’t I tell you a few things about myself while you’re still here (IF you’re still here).

  1. My name either will or will not be announced during my time here.  It may be said in ways you didn’t think it would’ve been said.
  2. My favorite color is black.  My second favorite color, however, is gold.
  3. I wear glasses.
  4. I love to shop at HT (Hot Topic)
  5. California is the state I live in, but not the state I was born in.  I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 4th.
  6. My birthday is in #5
  7. I like to draw.  Am I any good at it?  Not really, which is why I practice!  So far there are only two drawings I’m especially proud of.  The first is a Bipper picture and the second is a girl with a crazed look in her eyes, a half slashed smile, and blood on her arms.
  8. Personally, I LOVE gore.
  9. Do I like horror movies?  Yes, until I have to go to sleep, that is.
  10. Yes I still fear the dark.  SHUT UP!  *pouty face*  Don’ judge me…

I’ll perhaps write more about myself later.  I own a Wattpad account and I recently posted a book called, Tagged.  If you wanted to learn more things about me, Tagged. is the book you need to check out.

Let’s say for some odd reason, you decide to check out my book.  My username there isn’t the same.  My username on Wattpad is PeacePirateOncr.  Don’t look at what I’m reading unless you’re ready for random Black Butler, the occasional X Reader, and lots of BillDip.  GOOD LUCK!

That’s all I’ll put for today.  …Or rather, for now…  I’ll most likely be here again tonight or something.

Thanks for putting up with me.


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